FUSE is dedicated to freeing our country from the social and economic barriers to opportunities that have been perpetuated by a history of systemic and institutionalized racism.

We partner with local governments and communities to more effectively address pressing challenges by placing experienced professionals in local government agencies. These FUSE Executive Fellows lead strategic projects that are designed to accelerate progress and advance racial equity.

We are also dedicated to sharing the insights that emerge from our work to inspire all civic leaders to think and act differently in their efforts to achieve systemic change.

Our work focuses on issues such as affordable housing and homelessness; workforce training and living-wage jobs; pandemic response and health equity; education reform and digital access; public safety and justice reform; climate resilience and green infrastructure; and more.

FUSE has worked on over 250 projects in 42 cities and counties across 18 states serving a combined population of 25 million people. The majority of our alumni continue to work in civic leadership and nearly all our government partners return each year with requests for additional projects.

Watch the video below to learn more about the history of FUSE.

Download our 2020 impact report for more details.


Our Projects

We co-designs projects with our government leaders and community stakeholders that have ambitious yet achievable fellowship goals, and focus on increasing equitable access to high-quality jobs, affordable housing, health care, public safety and educational opportunities.


Our Stories

We share insights from our work to inspire civic leaders across the country to think and act differently in their efforts to achieve systemic change and racial equity. Read our stories here.