As FUSE continues to develop and scale its program at an ambitious pace, the organization is seeking to hire an experienced professional to serve as its first Director of Development in order to help expand and diversify the general funding support that makes our work possible. In particular, the Director of Development will enable FUSE to cultivate long-term strategic partnerships with a small group of high-net-worth individuals and corporations through dedicated relationship management and a series of event-based investment opportunities. Through this outreach, along with some efforts to secure grants from local foundations, the Director will help raise essential operating funds and secure the final $2M of FUSE’s current $5M growth capital campaign to advance the goals of the 2016-2021 strategic plan.

The Director will work closely with the CEO and FUSE’s Board members to develop a major donor program and cultivate relationships with individual investors and corporate partners, particularly those located throughout the Los Angeles and San Francisco Bay areas. These efforts may include one-on-one meetings as well as helping to organize small events, house parties, and dinner conversations that convene prospective investors with organizational leaders and local government officials to discuss FUSE’s broader strategic role in addressing key current issues. The Director of Development will also lead efforts to plan and execute FUSE’s first major annual event, currently planned for 150 people in late September although it is envisioned that this event will continue to grow in subsequent years.

With fundraising efforts to date having been led primarily by the CEO, the Director of Development will lead efforts to design and implement a system for engaging more deeply with an increasingly large number of major supporters in order to continue FUSE’s growth along an ambitious trajectory. This position will collaborate closely with the CEO and COO along with the organization’s entire staff, board, advisors, fellows, alumni, and current funders.

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