How are projects created?

We work closely with our government and community partners to co-create fellowship projects based on their highest priority challenges. All projects are created with the following criteria:

  • Achieve positive impact in the community.
  • Focus on the fundamental equity considerations within the issue areas.
  • Benefit from new approaches or process reforms.
  • Relate to an existing departmental goal or initiative.
  • Have direct lines to senior department leadership.
  • Establish clear deliverables that are achievable over the course of the fellowship.
  • Leverage the skills and experiences of an executive-level fellow.
How do fellows and government partners work with each other?

Executive Fellows work full time and are embedded in the government agency that is hosting their project. Executive Fellows work directly with a leader in the government agency with respect to completion of the project’s goals and assignments; they also work with a senior-level leader in the agency who helps communicate the Executive Fellow’s strategic role and value to key stakeholders. Executive Fellows also reach out to a wide array of community partners and non-governmental stakeholders to integrate them into the work of the project.

How are projects funded?

The cost of a fellowship is covered by the government partner and/or philanthropic partners.

What are the fellowship timelines?

Fellowships are announced on a rolling basis throughout the year. Each fellowship description will specify its expected beginning and end dates. Please check our website regularly for updates about projects and timelines.

Where are your projects located?

Our projects are located in cities and counties across the country. Please see Where We Work to learn about the cities and counties where we have hosted and are currently hosting projects. We are continually developing partnerships with new cities and counties and will be adding to this page as new projects arise.