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How The Los Angeles Public Library Transformed Its Leadership Culture

Forbes interviews FUSE Corps fellow, Julie Lamba, who has built out the leadership development program for the Los Angeles Public Library. Read the Full Article

The Atlantic

A Different Kind of Civil-Service Organization

In his most recent article, James Fallows highlights FUSE as an example of an organization that “illustrates the creativity and energy with much of civic-level America in responding to a medical and economic emergency unprecedented in our lifetimes.” Read the Full Article

Impact Journey

A Human-Centered Approach to City Challenges

In Impact Journey with Julia Sherbakov, James Weinberg, CEO of FUSE Corps, shares his insights on making people the levers of change. Read the Full Article


NOPD unveils 6 goal strategic plan to make city one of the country’s safest

E. Aminata Brown, a FUSE alum who is serving as New Orleans Police Department's Chief Innovation Officer, is featured in this news story about creating the department's bold strategic plan to engage the community in tactics to reduce crime. Read the Full Article

St. Louis Post Dispatch

In new approach to policing, St. Louis cops get partners on patrol

FUSE alum Wilford Pinkney is featured in this story for his work to reform the criminal justice system in the City of St. Louis. Read the Full Article

Fox Channel 8

New Orleans City Leaders Gather to Figure Out a Way to Curb Juvenile Crime

FUSE executive advisor E. Aminata Brown is featured in this news story about gathering city leaders at an innovation lab to address juvenile crime. Read the Full Article

The Movement Project

We’re Painting the Picture in Reverse

Despite advising on the advanced mobility section of Minneapolis’s Transportation Action Plan, FUSE Fellow Danielle Elkins didn’t start with the shiny technology, but instead with the foundational transit infrastructure that previous generations invested in. Read the Full Article

Daily Republic

GO-Biz exec finds opportunity at Mare Island manufacturer

The Economic Development team from the State of CA and Vallejo FUSE alum Slater Matzke toured Mare Island as part of their Opportunity Zone prospectus in the City of Vallejo, California. Read the Full Article

St Louis Public Radio

St. Louis’ New Criminal Justice Council Has 1 Goal — Get Everyone To The Table

A new bill will create the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council, which brings together stakeholders to share ideas about improvements to the criminal justice system. The council has been informally meeting during the past year under the direction of FUSE fellow Debbie Allen. Read the Full Article

EPA Today

Working with Local Governments

East Palo Alto FUSE fellow Jerry Chang sits down with Henrietta Burroughs, EPA Today founder, to talk about his fellowship project and the mission of FUSE. Read the Full Article

Super Cities Podcast

Super Cities with Patrice Berry and Jason Weiner (FUSE CORPS)

This episode of the Super Cities podcast takes a deep dive with FUSE fellow Patrice Berry and fellow alum Jason Weiner on Oakland's cradle-to-career approach, college affordability at the Stockton Scholar's initiative, and community-based leadership. Read the Full Article

Long Beach Business Journal

Growing Long Beach: Workshop Series Teaches Locals How To Build Their Businesses

Long Beach FUSE fellow Daniel Han is interviewed about leading a workshop to help small businesses, particularly minority-owned, find access to capital. Read the Full Article

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