Alok Bhatia

Los Angeles County Probation Department
Los Angeles County, CA

ALOK BHATIA has more than 20 years of systems development consulting experience at large corporations. He is a certified Project Management Professional, leading change orders for large domestic and global development teams, and his background includes business process integration and project management. Previously, he was a vice president for Caso, as well as a senior manager for multinational companies in the life sciences, healthcare, banking, automotive, and document imaging industries. Alok has a bachelor’s degree in technology from the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi.



The Los Angeles Department of Probation is working to leverage technology to enhance services, become more cost effective, and increase efficiencies. FUSE Executive Fellow Alok Bhatia is helping execute core IT improvements, while assisting with changes to office operations due to the COVID-19 crisis and increasing the team’s resiliency.