Angelica M. Frias

Los Angeles Bureau of Street Lighting
Los Angeles, CA

ANGELICA M. FRIAS is a strategist focused on designing transformative community impact projects to build sustainable communities. She brings 16 years of experience in stakeholder engagement, strategic partnerships, and program design from various sectors, including energy sustainability, telecommunications, and healthcare. Most recently, she has focused on consulting and collaborating with multi-disciplinary teams, advising on outreach, project design, and community development. Previously, Angelica was a senior manager with Pacific Gas and Electric’s Low-Income Programs and Strategies division, where she led cross-product marketing. Angelica holds an M.S. in urban planning from Cal Poly Pomona and a B.A. in political science from California State University, Los Angeles.



The Los Angeles Bureau of Street Lighting is adding new technologies — wifi, USB charging stations, security cameras, and solar panels — to street lights to increase services for residents, further improve street safety, and potentially raise revenue. Supporting this work, FUSE Executive Fellow Angelica Frias formulated a five-year strategic plan for these technologies, establishing BSL as a leader in the development of Smart City L.A., and is working to set the strategies in motion.