Azita Wolff

Office of Equity and Inclusion
Milwaukee, WI

Azita Wolff is a Milwaukee native and a committed interdisciplinarian with a lifelong interest in the economic lives of everyday people. Before joining FUSE, Azita led an independent research cohort with partners at the Institute of Development Studies, and worked in biomedical data management to learn bottom-up data systems design. Azita brings fifteen years of experience in international economic rights and resources programming to her new role as FUSE Fellow, including prior work with UN Women in New York, and with the Middle East North Africa regional offices of the IOM and the Population Council. Numbers and charts cannot replace human stories nor fully capture the human experience as audiovisual media can, yet Azita believes in the industry adage that we treasure what we measure. She will work with the City of Milwaukee to strengthen community-responsive data management and is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin and the American University in Cairo, Egypt. She is writing her first screenplay.



The City of Milwaukee’s Office of Equity and Inclusion (OEI) was started in 2021 to coordinate the implementation of strategies, policies, and practices designed to advance and achieve racial equity and inclusion in education, housing, workforce development, public safety, violence prevention, and the delivery of quality and timely government services. OEI will partner with FUSE Corps to develop, test, and implement systems and processes that allow Milwaukee to use evidence and data as part of a two-way community engagement strategy to support improved equity outcomes as an equity focused city system.