Christa Leonard

Mayor’s Office
Birmingham, AL

CHRISTA LEONARD utilizes her ten years of experience in urban agriculture to develop food systems that are equitable and community-centered. She is passionate and committed to collaborative, grassroots organizing that promotes and restores food sovereignty within historically underserved communities. Christa uses emergent strategies and pattern recognition in her learning process. She believes the community is best served when we emphasize resilient relationship building and adaptation to develop transformative food justice policies. Christa prides herself on her ability to create meaningful connections with people, her boots-on-the-ground work ethic, and the belief that together we make the impossible possible.



Nearly 70 percent of Birmingham residents live in neighborhoods that lack adequate access to quality, affordable fresh foods. The City of Birmingham is committed to changing this status quo, and seeks to build a food economy that is powered by the community. To support this work, FUSE will partner with Birmingham to facilitate community-driven hyper-local programs and policies that encourage food resilience across all neighborhoods in the city, addressing issues of accessibility and affordability in all parts of the food supply chain.