Cynthia Shields

Pittsburgh Office of the Mayor
Pittsburgh, PA

CYNTHIA SHIELDS (2017-18) is a leader in redesigning service delivery systems to better and more efficiently serve end users. Previously, Cynthia worked with communities across the country to coordinate service systems for homeless youth. During her time at Partner4Work, a workforce development board, Cynthia led the development and implementation of Pittsburgh Works, a groundbreaking public/private collaboration that reframed the role of the public workforce system. Cynthia’s ability to create systemic change has been greatly influenced by her personal experiences and her time as a direct service practitioner. She earned a BSW and an MBA from Chatham University.


In the next 10 years, 250,000 people will retire in Pittsburgh. To fill in that gap and other workforce challenges, Cynthia helped the city strengthen the pipeline of skilled workers for a thriving economy by aligning a variety of existing strategies and programs that will enable the workforce to adapt in a changing economy. Read more