David Spirakis

Los Angeles Housing + Community Investment Department
Los Angeles, CA

DAVID SPIRAKIS is a public-finance professional with deep experience in starting, growing, and managing credit and syndication businesses within various global commercial and investment banks. Most recently, he was president of PerryCreek Capital Strategies, where he led capital raising and investment management. He also worked as managing director at Société Générale and Bank of America Merrill Lynch. David has an MBA from Columbia University Graduate School of Business, a JD from Brooklyn Law School, and a BA from State University of New York.



To help reduce homelessness and increase affordable housing, Los Angeles is working to establish a Housing Finance Agency to develop its own financial resources. FUSE Executive Fellow David Spirakis is assisting with approvals and the passage of needed legislation to move ahead with the HFA, and then he will launch the agency, helping expand the development of affordable housing projects in the city. Read more