Geoff Kees Thompson

Los Angeles Office of the City Administrative Officer
Los Angeles, CA

GEOFF KEES THOMPSON (2015-16) has more than 10 ten years of project management experience, including in large corporations such as Comcast and Accenture. He specializes in technology, communication, marketing, and research for projects focused on urban planning, municipal governance, economic development, and advocacy. Geoff is also a founder of a nonprofit and nonpartisan political-action committee focused on urban spaces in Philadelphia. He holds B.S. degrees in marketing and international business, international studies, and Spanish from Penn State University. Geoff also holds an M.S. in urban and regional planning from the University of Amsterdam, Netherlands.



Los Angeles faces a significant challenge in addressing its homelessness crisis. The Office of the City Administrative Officer brought in FUSE Executive Fellow Geoff Kees Thompson to work with government agencies and community groups to develop an integrated approach to address homelessness, including common goals, innovative programs, and outcomes measurement.