Gerard V. Tate

District of Columbia Office of the City Administrator
Washington D.C.

GERARD V. TATE has nearly a decade of executive experience serving in both military and civilian law enforcement organizations. As a Licensed Master Social Worker, he has used his knowledge of the root causes of crime, human behavior, and social policy to advise organizations in the creation, implementation, and evaluation of violence prevention programs that are both evidenced-based and culturally competent. Gerard holds a B.S. in criminology from Webster University and an MSW with a concentration in social and economic development from Washington University in St. Louis. He is currently a doctoral student in social work at USC.



Aiming to reduce violent crime, Washington D.C. is working to establish a coalition of U.S. cities that will use evidence-based, community-supported practices. FUSE executive fellow Gerard Tate helped determine the best practices to share among cities and help implement the program. Read more