Gil Keinan

San Bernardino County Economic Development Agency
San Bernardino County, CA

GIL KEINAN is a real estate investment and asset management professional who specializes in hotels and restaurants. His experience has taken him from being a minibar attendant in Germany, to managing luxury hotels and resorts in the Americas, to managing hotel asset-management platforms for private and public funds. Gil holds an executive MBA from the University of San Francisco, a master certificate from Cornell University, and a B.S. from the University of Surrey. He is currently pursuing his doctoral degree at Pepperdine University’s Graziadio Business School, where he is researching the impact of operator scale on hotel asset value premium.



To create high-quality jobs for residents, San Bernardino County is working to promote its Opportunity Zones, economically distressed communities that can potentially benefit from federal tax incentives aimed at encouraging investment and economic development. FUSE executive fellow Gil Keinan helped create a county-wide strategy and local toolkit to promote sustainable, equitable, and inclusive investments in Opportunity Zone communities.