Jamie Thomas

Los Angeles County Chief Executive Office
Los Angeles County, CA

JAMIE A. THOMAS combines her background as a linguistic anthropologist and project manager to creatively center marginalized voices and concerns. Most recently, Jamie was named by Intuit as one of 100 top Los Angeles area educators. She was also an ACLS Community College Faculty Fellow, and lead equity facilitator for the Online Network of Educators. Through the California “Open For Antiracism” initiative, Jamie designed support strategies to aid adoption of inclusive pedagogies. She is the author of Zombies Speak Swahili: Race, Horror, and Sci-fi from Mexico to Tanzania and Hollywood. Jamie has a BA in Anthropology and Swahili Studies from Washington University in St. Louis, and a PhD in Second Language Studies from Michigan State University.



The Los Angeles County Chief Executive Office (CEO) first partnered with FUSE Corps to support the building out a strategic plan for the County’s Anti-Racism, Diversity, and Equity Initiative, guiding, governing, and driving the County’s commitment to fighting systemic racism, working proactively to change policies and practices over which the County has control. LA County will now partner with FUSE to lead a training and education initiative across the County, supporting the adoption of and capacity building for this work.