Jody S. Johnson, Esq.

Department of Youth Development (DYD)
Los Angeles County, CA

JODY S. JOHNSON, ESQ. is a father and legal scholar, interested in the expansion of an academic understanding of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its potential to redefine and expand the school-to-prison pipeline. He has developed an original ethical framework to produce racial equity and inclusion within decision-making and risk management. Jody is also a professor at American River College and brings a focus on policy, racial ethics, and equity to any project he serves.



Youth interactions with the justice system cause life-long negative outcomes. The Los Angeles County government, steered by the Youth Justice Advisory Group (YJAG) and Alternatives to Incarceration Office (ATI), is working to transform from a punitive system to a youth development system that prioritizes trauma-responsive and community-based approaches to youth in crisis through the creation of a new Department of Youth Development (DYD). A FUSE Executive Fellow will assist DYD in developing a legislative framework and action plan to radically reform the County’s approach to youth justice.