Julia Nelson-Young

Department of Regional Planning — San Joaquin Council of Governments (SJCOG)
San Joaquin County, CA

JULIA NELSON-YOUNG is a landlord relationship specialist for Kings Tulare Homeless Alliance; this position allows her to showcase her 17 years of experience in the housing industry by collaborating with community leaders to bridge the gap between tenants and landlords and increase the housing stock in Kings and Tulare County.

Julia’s unique skill set allows her to build effective partnerships to address the housing disparities in Kings and Tulare County by implementing policy changes that impact their approach to resolving rental barriers in their communities.

Julia is experienced in managing Tax Credit, Prac 202, USDA Rural, Section 8, RRH, and PSH affordable housing programs. Julia is a National Affordable Housing Management Association member and has several California Tax Credit Allocations Certifications.



The San Joaquin Council of Governments (SJCOG) recently approved the Regional Early Action Planning (REAP) program to accelerate housing production and advance regional housing priorities, including a Regional Housing Trust Fund (RHTF). SJCOG will partner with a FUSEExecutive Fellow to support advancing the Regional Housing Priorities, primarily by project managing a feasibility assessment for establishing an RHTF in the region and determining how to allocate a second tranche of $10.6M in REAP funds to accelerate housing production.