JW Tabacchi

Bureau of Police
Pittsburgh, PA

JW TABACCHI is a higher education professional who has dedicated his career to helping students grow and develop as lifelong learners. In addition to his work with co-curricular programming, he has taught courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Most recently, he has begun developing initiatives at the local and national levels focusing on equity and inclusion issues in collegiate environments. 

JW has a B.A. from the University of Valley Forge, an M.A. from Indiana University of Pennsylvania, and an Ed.D from the University of Pittsburgh. 



The Pittsburgh Bureau of Police has a Community Engagement Office that identified broad interest and deep enthusiasm from the community to create community-led youth programs designed to improve educational outcomes. Similar programs have shown concrete gains in kindergarten readiness, school attendance, and college acceptance rates, as well as stronger connections between officers and their communities. FUSE will work within the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police to collate the collective resources of police volunteers, local organizations, and Pittsburgh’s professional sports teams to build a robust array of new athletic programming for Pittsburgh’s underserved youth.