Karla Yoder

Workforce Investment Council
Washington D.C.

KARLA YODER combines her passion for equity with systems thinking to design and launch programs that increase employment, financial inclusion and economic participation. Most recently, she was technical director for economic opportunities at Global Communities, supporting the growth of economic opportunity in countries around the world. Her previous experience includes supporting the development of innovative career prep high schools in the U.S. and conducting research on labor market-responsive community colleges. She holds a Bachelor of International Studies from the School for International Training and a master’s degree in sociology from George Washington University.



Creating career opportunities for young people and pathways to high-paying jobs requires strategic connections between businesses, public schools, and the higher education system. FUSE will partner with Washington D.C.’s Workforce Investment Council to build stronger infrastructure between these stakeholders and pilot programs that offer new career opportunities for the district’s most underserved residents. This includes garnering commitments for interviews or jobs for those completing training programs, and consistent analysis to ensure there are coordinated talent pathways into growing industries.