Kristin Vogel

Office on African American Affairs
Milwaukee, WI

KRISTIN VOGEL has dedicated her career to advancing social justice and equity through human-centered design, inclusive & adaptive leadership, continuous improvement, and information & its use in decision-making. Most recently, she worked as a special assistant to the provost in higher education, enhancing organizational development and strategy. Before that, Kristin led and championed organization-wide innovation initiatives, applying techniques from her Stanford University Graduate School of Business LEAD certification, and simultaneously coordinated teams delivering dynamic modern library services. She has been an invited facilitator nationally and internationally, including in Bahrain, Ghana, and Uganda. Kristin earned an M.L.S. in library and information technology from Indiana University – Bloomington and a B.A. in Peace and Global Studies from Earlham College.



Milwaukee County recognizes that institutional racism plays a critical role in these inequities and disparities plaguing their community, and in 2022 formed its Office of Equity (OoE) to drive Milwaukee County’s efforts to shift its institutional power and dismantle racist policies and practices. The OoE will partner with a FUSE Executive Fellow for one year to increase coordination of the County’s ecosystem of equity initiatives and build enterprise-wide and regional capacity to strengthen the County’s internal and regional racial equity infrastructure.