Kwasi Frye

Department of Housing and Community Development
Washington D.C.

KWASI FRYE has a strong record of success in engineering technology-based solutions for both government and private sector clients. He has served in a variety of capacities, including systems architect, strategic advisor, business development manager, and market researcher. He now applies the same management principles, techniques, and expertise to a number of new, ambitious housing-focused projects. 


Although Washington D.C.’s rent control laws are in place to preserve affordable housing in the district, existing systems do not allow for full transparency regarding compliance with those laws. As a result, the system fails to protect the city’s economically vulnerable residents. The pandemic and economic crisis caused by Covid-19 has exasperated the critical need to monitor rental costs for residents hit hard by the economic downturn. FUSE will increase the transparency and accessibility of its rental property information and connect more low-income  residents to affordable housing options.