Monica Soileau

New Orleans Equipment and Maintenance Division
New Orleans, LA

MONICA SOILEAU (2017-18) has spent two decades in global warehouse and distribution center management, and production planning and transportation/logistics for both large industrial complexes and smaller manufacturing facilities. Monica has also served as part of the training department for a large refinery, and has founded and run her own independent magazine. She has certifications in Six Sigma, LEAN, APICS (CTLD) in Logistics, Transportation and Distribution, as well as Hazardous Waste Management CFR. Monica earned an AA in Business from the University of Phoenix.


New Orleans is working to overhaul its entire fleet system. Revamping the system and creating a shared vehicle pool will help increase fuel efficiency, save money, increase fleet use, and avoid misuse. Monica helped evaluate existing practices and identify opportunities to improve productivity and efficiency. Read more