Nicole Richardson

Los Angeles County Department of Consumer and Business Affairs
Los Angeles County, CA

NICOLE RICHARDSON has worked to raise awareness, identify solutions, and promote behavior change through nonprofit development organizations and for-profit companies. Addressing such issues as income generation and financial empowerment in farming communities and marine conservation with coastal communities, Nicole has supported financial literacy, small business development, and market access in several countries across the African continent. She holds a B.A. from Georgetown University, MBA from Emory University, and is finalizing an M.A. thesis at Tufts University.



The Los Angeles County Department of Business and Consumer Affairs is working to expand the reach of the federal Earned Income Tax Credit, an effective yet often underutilized tool to reduce poverty. FUSE Executive Fellow Nicole Richardson developed a strategy that integrates outreach, provision, and opportunities for do-it-yourself filing into county services across departments, making it easier for clients to claim refundable tax credits and benefits.