Quincy Brewington

Equity Strategy & Coherence Department — Atlanta Public Schools
Atlanta, GA

QUINCY BREWINGTON is an education professional passionate about educational equity and social justice in the City of Atlanta. He has over 15 years of combined experience in education and youth service programs. His research focuses on motivation in education through qualitative, mixed, and program evaluation methodologies. Most recently he has served as an Assistant Professor of Educational Psychology at the University of Georgia.

Quincy studied applied cognition and development at the University of Georgia (MA ‘14, Ph.D. ‘18) and history at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte (BA ‘09).



The Atlanta Public Schools (APS) is launching the first-of-its-kind Opportunity, Tangible, Intangible, and Systems (OTIS) Equity Index to extract data trends to inform how APS makes strategic decisions about its programs, interventions, time, and resources. APS will partner with a FUSE Executive Fellow to lead the co-design, implementation, and dissemination of the OTIS Equity Index.