Roxanne Ferand Mayfield

Los Angeles County Chief Executive Office
Los Angeles County, CA

ROXANNE FERAND MAYFIELD sees customer service as a 360-degree view. She believes customer service is not just our relationship with our stakeholders, but it can be extended to our fellow colleagues as well. Her customer service experience comes from the travel space where she was last a group travel manager putting together travel events for a book of 15-20 companies. Prior to that, she was an operations manager with a team of agents. Their client was the oldest law firm in California. Prior to that, she was a trainer and did a lot of escalation management for American Express and its Platinum cardholders.

Roxanne’s B.A. degree was with a concentration in Political Science.



The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors (Board) has taken several steps to reduce its reliance on incarceration and to expand diversion and treatment, including very recently calling for the creation of a new Justice, Care & Opportunities Department (JCOD). The JCOD implementation team (led by the Alternative to Incarceration Office) will partner with a FUSE Executive Fellow to plan and oversee the launch of the new department.