Shaun Randolph

Office of Economic Development
New Orleans, LA

SHAUN RANDOLPH is dedicated to harnessing profit-driven concepts from the private sector and retooling them into vehicles for social change and impact, and he has remained steadfast in supporting underserved communities throughout his career. Shaun has more than 13 years of experience as a serial entrepreneur, nonprofit professional, grant writer, social enterprise consultant, finance pioneer, and advisor on venture capital and private equity. Among his accomplishments, he founded an advisory business that works and partners with institutional investment firms with aggregate assets under management exceeding $1 billion. Shaun earned a B.S. from Liberty University.



The New Orleans Office of Economic Development is working on a Generational Economic Development Plan to address inequitable racial economics and sustain recovery initiatives instituted in response to the pandemic’s impact on the local economy. To support this work, the office is partnering with FUSE Executive Fellow Shaun Randolph to create a comprehensive framework based on the GEDP that establishes the city’s long-term economic development portfolio, helping build intergenerational wealth in communities of color.