Stacy Cumberbatch

Riverside County Economic Development Agency
Riverside County, CA

STACY CUMBERBATCH brings more than a decade of experience in both startup and corporate environments in the banking, real estate, and venture capital industries. Her work has focused on new initiatives, strategic partnerships, and risk mitigation. Most recently, she was a principal at Quake Capital, where she helped launch the company into the Los Angeles market and invested $4.5 million in capital across 30 ventures. Previously, Stacy led training, underwriting, and due diligence teams with First Republic Bank. She received a BBA from the University of Georgia and an M.S. from the USC Marshall School of Business.



To create high-quality jobs for residents, the Economic Development Agency (EDA) in Riverside County, California, partnered with the Center for Social Innovation at the University of California, Riverside to promote Opportunity Zones, economically distressed communities that can potentially benefit from federal tax incentives. FUSE Executive Fellow Stacy Cumberbatch developed an Opportunity Zone strategy for the county and laid the foundation for an ecosystem that will enable investments aimed at serving the residents of these struggling communities.