Stephanie Hervey

Department of Transportatioon
Oakland, CA

STEPHANIE HERVEY deploys emerging technologies to solve todays’ most pressing social challenges. She is an accomplished data analyst with a track record of pursuing economic resiliency and wellbeing for local communities. Her lived experience as a Black woman informs this work. Stephanie’s background includes land use planning, business development and community engagement. She has worked with Oracle as an instructor, with Boeing as a supply chain process engineer, and with Unity Park as program manager for open spaces that foster economic development. Stephanie is excited to apply her skills and commitment to intersectionality to address the many challenges facing underserved communities.



The COVID-19 pandemic threw everyday life into a state of upheaval, with lockdowns, social distancing guidelines, travel bans, and digital work becoming a new norm. The City of Oakland responded swiftly to meet the most urgent needs of residents and businesses, launching several innovative programs to maintain public health while also enabling public spaces to be used for business and safe gatherings. Nearly a year after their initial launch, FUSE will partner with Oakland to reimagine these right-of-way initiatives, moving them from emergency response measures to platforms that spur equitable recovery and support community cohesion post-pandemic. FUSE will manage and streamline these initiatives through a community-focused program that not only increases the number of residents, businesses, and schools participating, but also encourages NGOs, nonprofits, and community-based organizations to utilize the programs for service delivery.