Tauqeer Bashir

San Jose City Manager’s Office
San Jose, CA

TAUQEER BASHIR is an innovative, client focused, and quality driven management consultant. Most of his professional experience has been focused on helping Fortune 100 clients with the analysis and optimization of business processes, insourcing and outsourcing investment and business decisions, and leveraging IT to improve business efficiency. His clients include Accenture, E&Y, and Microsoft. Most recently, his work has focused on advising clients about their initiatives to use cloud technology. Tauqeer received a B.S. in mechanical engineering from the Oregon Institute of Technology and an MBA from the University of Washington.



San Jose is working to provide a reliable internet connection to all of its residents, ensuring access to people in underserved communities so they can tap such online resources as continuing education, career development, job openings, and healthcare options. FUSE Executive Fellow Tauqeer Bashir helped create a strategy for wireless solutions and a plan for implementation.