Thelá R. Thatch

Los Angeles County Department of Health Services
Los Angeles County, CA

THELÁ R. THATCH (2017-18) has more than two decades of experience in human resources, talent management, organizational development, and diversity and inclusion initiatives. Most recently, she provided strategic leadership at Live Nation Entertainment, implementing the company’s first global diversity initiative while serving as its chief diversity officer. She is also the founder of Management Resource Solutions, a full-service human resources consulting firm. Thelá earned a B.A. in communications from Kean University, a professional human resources certification, and an MBA from North Greenville University. She is a Ph.D. candidate in public policy and administration with a law specialization at Walden University.


Thanks to the success of a recent ballot initiative, Los Angeles County will have access to hundreds of millions of dollars to help the 45,000 people in the region who are struggling with homelessness. Thelá helped the county develop a plan to recruit and train hundreds of staff workers to provide critical services – such as health workers, case managers, and housing locators – and work toward a solution to the homeless crisis. Read more