William Baylor

Department of Community Development
Birmingham, AL

WILLIAM BAYLOR has dedicated his career to increasing equitable access to affordable housing, closing the racial wealth gap and providing opportunities to build generational wealth in underserved communities. For William, developing pathways to homeownership is not just an occupation, but it is also a vocation. He has served as a liaison between policymakers, community partners and residents and been a strong advocate for policies that revitalize and build the capacity of underserved communities. He has developed key homeownership programs, initiatives and projects in Birmingham and across the South-East. William studied political science at Talladega College and economic and community development at Auburn University, where he earned a professional certification in government and economic development.


The Birmingham Department of Community Development is working to institute a multi-pronged approach to diversify Birmingham’s housing stock and preserve and create new affordable housing options for residents. To support this work, Birmingham will partner with a FUSE Executive Fellow for one year to operationalize public-private partnerships to increase opportunities for first-time homebuyers and form a vision for an affordable housing land trust.