Thomas Houston


Thomas Houston serves as a thought partner to FUSE Executive Fellows and city partners, helping them put equity in the center of solving local systemic issues. Additionally, he leads a Washington D.C.-based nonprofit called Medici Road in its efforts to reduce poverty by connecting the dots between education, housing, economic development, and public health. He also leads Medici Road’s efforts to embed racial equity into the organization’s infrastructure and outputs.

Thomas has more than 15 years of consumer behavior, innovation, policy, and racial equity experience with organizations like Sara Lee, Cadbury Adams, and Walmart. In these roles, he focused on using data and consumer behavior to develop multicultural marketing programming. As a FUSE Executive Fellow, he worked on poverty reduction programming for public sector organizations, and he later worked on projects that sought to eliminate barriers for low-income residents. Thomas holds a B.A. in marketing from Howard University and an MBA from The Pennsylvania State University.