Our program model draws on the most innovative practices from across sectors, and is designed to help cities and counties gain traction on their biggest challenges.

We develop each project by working closely with our government partners to create a fellowship that is based on the community’s unique needs. We recruit experienced leaders for each project, and we provide year-round coaching and support to help ensure that executive fellows achieve their highest potential for impact.


What We Bring

Cross-Sector Expertise

Complex challenges require a broad set of tools. We leverage strategies from the private, public, and social sectors to bring new approaches to the most intractable challenges.

Community Voice

The best ideas often come from engaging those who will benefit most from a project’s impact. Our human-centered design process ensures that civic engagement is at the heart of every project.

Equity Perspective

We work to include considerations of racial equity in every project to help our partners advance policies that serve all people as equally and fairly as possible.

Network Building

Our executive fellows build partnerships between different departments and levels of government, as well as partners in the private and social sectors.

Sustained Impact

To make substantive improvements to government programs, our executive fellows help design long-term action plans and create change in organizational culture that establish sustained improvements.

Experienced Talent

Our executive fellows, distinguished by their ingenuity and determination, average 20 years of leadership experience, and come prepared to leverage their expertise in helping government work better.

Shared Insights

We’re a continuously learning organization, and as we study what works, we’re committed to surfacing and sharing the learnings of our executive fellows and government partners to inspire civic leaders around the country.