FUSE Executive Fellowship Program


The FUSE Executive Fellowship program is a one to two year full-time public service role in city or county government. Our fellows partner with senior government leaders and community members to lead strategic projects that employ a strengths-based approach, advance racial equity, and address the most pressing challenges facing communities.

We develop each project by working closely with our government and community partners to create a fellowship that is based on local needs.

We recruit experienced leaders for each project and provide year-round coaching, training, and support to help ensure that FUSE Executive Fellows achieve their highest potential for impact.

In partnership with government and community stakeholders, FUSE Executive Fellows create solutions tailored to local needs.

What We Bring

Equity Lens

We work to embed racial, gender, and socioeconomic equity in every project to help our government partners address root problems affecting communities who have faced systemic and institutionalized barriers.

Cross-Sector Expertise

Complex challenges require a broad set of tools. We leverage strategies from the private, public, and social sectors to bring new approaches to the most pressing challenges. The FUSE community of fellows, alumni, and partners also represents a deep bench of cross-sector experience from which fellows can draw to build best practices and drive innovation.

Community Engagement

We provide new strategies for civic engagement and utilize human-centered design to ensure that community perspectives are at the forefront of every project and solution.

Network Building

Our executive fellows forge collaboration between different departments and levels of government, as well as partners in the private sector and social sector. FUSE Executive Fellows and government hosts also become part of the FUSE community, which represents an extensive network of professionals with experience in different sectors, issue areas, and geographies.

Sustained Impact

To make substantive improvements to government programs, our FUSE Executive Fellows help design long-term action plans and promote changes in organizational culture that ensure the sustainability of their work. Some of the ways our fellows do this is by helping to pass new legislation, designing and implementing new programs, creating and institutionalizing process improvements, building the capacity of government and community partners, and mobilizing new resources for the communities they serve.

Experienced Talent

Our FUSE Executive Fellows, distinguished by their ability to collaborate and bring new approaches and diverse perspectives, average over 15 years of leadership experience and come prepared to leverage their expertise to work alongside government partners.

Shared Insights

As an organization dedicated to continuous learning, we’re committed to surfacing and sharing the insights from our work to inspire civic leaders around the country.