Advancing a Behavioral Economics Approach to Child Support Compliance

The Los Angeles County Child Support Services Department (CSSD) is working to enforce child support orders, including the collection of monies, to help positively affect the financial stability of the children it serves. To improve payment compliance and the customer service experience, CSSD brought in FUSE executive fellow Amanda Wang Valentine, who used a mix of applied behavioral science, psychology, marketing, and lean methodology to design and implement two pilots to remove some of the emotional, literacy, and logistical barriers to engaging in the child support process. Her work helped CSSD improve its services, making them easier to understand and use, and set the stage for strengthening customer service through the organization. Amanda is continuing this work, engaging CSSD employees in further improvements to the customer service experience and expanding on existing implementations. She is also developing another pilot aimed at enhancing the customer service experience, focusing on the early stages of the customer journey, and will help create analytics to measure its outcomes.