Advancing Criminal Justice Reform by Transforming Probation Technology

In recent years, the L.A. County Probation Department (LAC Probation) has taken steps towards criminal justice reform, including within its Information Systems Bureau (ISB). A Strike Force team created a number of recommendations for ISB, including updating systems and equipment, eliminating inefficiencies, creating standards and governance processes, providing training, and establishing a more collaborative work environment.

To support the work, LAC Probation and ISB are partnering with FUSE executive fellow Alok Bhatia, who is analyzing recommendations of the Strike Force. He is also laying out and initiating a transformation program, including a vision for long-term direction, and building acceptance and support for the changes among LAC Probation staff. Alok is helping advance the county and department’s criminal justice reform efforts, ultimately improving public safety and affording residents an opportunity for a better life.