Advancing Equity Through Affordable Housing

Nashville has experienced exponential growth over the last 10 years creating opportunities to increase economic developments for the city. While Nashville’s recent growth has brought jobs and opportunities, home prices have nearly doubled in the past six years. Combined with scarcer home inventory, rising interest rates and population growth, the boom has left behind many lower-income residents. The city has made several advances this year to address its housing challenges, including establishing the Affordable Housing Taskforce and committing an unprecedented $350 million to fund affordable housing. However, Nashville is now faced with quadruple its current annual affordable housing production by 2030 to meet the projected needs.

To address the city’s existing housing deficit and meet these needs, the city must work under one vision, utilizing cross-departmental connections and state and federal programs. To support this work, FUSE will develop a comprehensive strategic plan that establishes what an equitable housing system could look like for Nashville over the next 10-15 years given its history, city demographics, political positionality, and the need to build consensus with 40 council districts. FUSE will include framework for an equity-driven affordable housing, create cross-sector partnerships and examine the city’s internal capacity and infrastructure to support and sustain the work.