Building Inclusive Economic Development

As part of a plan to reduce racial disparities and promote economic opportunity for all communities, Oakland is working to revive the 7-mile International Boulevard Corridor, which crosses through the city’s lowest income neighborhoods. FUSE executive fellow Marsha Murrington helped engage property owners, implement business recruitment strategies, and promote revitalization without displacement along the corridor. She engaged residents and business owners in East Oakland to develop a community plan that addresses neighborhood priorities, laying the groundwork to apply for a grant and other funds to support proposed programs. She also helped devise a strategy for an Opportunity Zone prospectus to attract investments that align with community values. Marsha is continuing to forge partnerships with various stakeholders to support community and economic development. She is helping establish a Community Development Corp. that will carry forward work on current and future projects, while prioritizing the needs of residents. Marsha is also continuing to coordinate a task force focused on investments in Opportunity Zones.