Connecting Residents to Comprehensive Services

The Los Angeles County Department of Workforce Development, Aging and Community Services (WDACS) provides residents with a range of programs. While many operate efficiently, internal and external communication, coordination, and alignment of programs can be improved to ensure seamless services for clients. For example, an elderly recipient of senior meals might also benefit from social programs at the local senior center. A young person attending a program at the community center might also benefit from workforce development programs. How can WDACS staff and its contractors help connect these residents with services?

To support this work, WDACS is partnering with FUSE Executive Fellow Nathaniel Sanga Bencivenga to assess its existing client touch points, better communicate information about its suite of services, and make recommendations to ensure that residents are being connected to all the services they need. Nathaniel will help develop systems for providing clients with information and referrals related to the full-range of WDACS programs, as well as recommend ways to align programs and services to better meet residents’ needs and preferences.