Creating an Economic and Workforce Development Hub 

The San Jose Public Library (SJPL) wanted to create an economic and workforce development hub, SJPL Works, which offers support to employment seekers, small business owners and entrepreneurs.

FUSE Executive Fellow Nick Almeida helped develop a focused strategy for growing SJPL Works, creating partnerships and reaching potential users. During Nick’s fellowship, the center has become a central hub for community partners to provide programs like job fairs for both job seekers and small business owners. It also offers career development services, including workshops to write cover letters and prepare for interviews for job seekers. And for burgeoning businesses, the center provides guidance for developing strategic plans and for how to start a new business within the city. The center is not just about job placement, but also a place to connect residents to industries that lead to lucrative career paths, such as manufacturing and technology. Nick’s efforts have had a significant impact on the lives of many San Jose residents who have utilized and benefited from the program.