Implementing the Strategic Plan for a Smart, Connected City

The Los Angeles Bureau of Street Lighting has taken on a number of Smart City initiatives, such as adding new technologies — wifi, USB charging stations, security cameras, and solar panels — to street lights to increase services for residents, further improve street safety, and potentially raise revenue. Supporting this work, FUSE Executive Fellow Angelica Frias formulated a five-year strategic plan for these technologies, establishing BSL as a leader in the development of Smart City L.A. She also helped furthered a BSL rebranding initiative through enhanced community outreach.

Angelica researched and defined objectives for the new technologies, setting BSL goals and providing it with a roadmap for implementation. To ensure the plan addressed community needs, she conducted a survey of residents, receiving more than 400 responses, and included their feedback in the plan’s design. She’s now working to set strategies in motion, developing action plans for each of the bureau’s core business groups and establishing execution teams to increase buy-in across the organization. To keep the community engaged, she’s developing tools and updating BSL’s website, which will also help with the bureau’s rebranding. Working closely with BSL staff, she’ll use change management techniques to help all BSL staff understand their roles in the new strategic plan, as well as how to carry the plan forward in the years to come.