Designing Systems to Capture and Share Institutional Digital Content

With high-visibility projects already underway and the 2028 Olympic Games coming soon, the Los Angeles Bureau of Engineering is experiencing increased demand for its services. As the bureau looks to hire and onboard new staff, one quarter of its employees are approaching retirement. Ensuring an effective knowledge transfer of ongoing projects will be crucial. One of the challenges facing the bureau is outdated methods for storing electronic content — each division saves data differently.

To help create a shared library of digital content that can be easily and efficiently shared, the L.A. Bureau of Engineering is partnering with FUSE Executive Fellow Nancy Lambert to assess the bureau’s infrastructure for accessing and storing data. To determine best practices, Nancy will review how similar agencies handle digital content, review available market solutions, and make appropriate recommendations to prepare for implementation. By meeting these strategic goals, the bureau will help the city maximize its resources and better serve residents.