Easing Traffic Conditions for Improved Mobility and Health

In East Palo Alto, the effects of cut through traffic, congestion, and parking have had serious consequences on the health, safety, and quality of life for residents. In search of solutions, the city hired consultants to conduct a mobility study that provides short-, mid-, and long-term recommendations addressing these issues for consideration by its city council. It also brought in FUSE Executive Fellow Susan L. Barnes to oversee the study and serve as a point of contact for mobility issues within the city. Susan has collaborated with internal and external stakeholders, as well as regional organizations to address these challenges. She has also engaged the community, holding meetings and conducting research to learn about their insights and proposed solutions.   Susan is now helping implement the recommendations adopted by the city council, collaborating with local and regional stakeholders to ensure a positive outcome for the community. Projects include a regional transportation collaboration aimed at decreasing single-occupancy vehicle trips, research into congestion pricing, and working with Google on its Waze navigation app to improve traffic flow. Susan is also estimating costs and identifying possible funding for certain projects, while continuing to engage and share plans with the community.