Ensure Equal Opportunities in Employment and Public Accommodation for All Durham Residents

The City of Durham has a history of working to protect its residents from discrimination in any form and to instill mutual respect and civility among all people and to make Durham into a model community for the state. In January 2021, Durham City Council voted to protect its residents from discrimination by passing amendments to local ordinance, Chapter 34 of the City of Durham Code. This Non-Discrimination Ordinance (NDO) is effective July 1, 2021 and Durham city leaders are working quickly to develop internal systems needed to support enforcing the ordinance and protecting its most vulnerable residents from discrimination. 

Durham will partner with FUSE to enforce this ordinance and become a certified Fair Employment Practices Agency (FEPA) with the Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). FUSE will work in collaboration with the City Attorney’s Office to lead the FEPA certification process, performing outreach and education to City staff and Durham residents on equal employment and public accommodations protections. With the expansion of protections against discrimination in employment and places of public accommodation, the City has codified its commitment to equity and inclusion for all residents in Durham.