Establishing Community-Based Clean Energy Programs

San Jose has been working to become one of the most sustainable cities in the country. As part of that effort, the city established San Jose Clean Energy (SJCE), its clean energy initiative that offers renewable energy options at competitive prices to residents and businesses. SJCE is also working to develop clean energy programs that generate revenue for the community, expand clean energy options for residents, and help the city meet its climate goals. FUSE executive fellow Kevin Meehan worked with SJCE to develop a roadmap of potential programs, providing an outline of clean-energy choices for the community and helping determine which might be considered more valuable to businesses and residents. Kevin is now implementing three SJCE pilot programs, which will explore such issues as support for solar power and electric vehicles. After evaluating the pilot results, he’ll incorporate lessons learned into future program designs. He also is leading SJCE’s efforts to gain support from the California Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Project, which provides incentives for installing electric vehicle charging stations for the public.