Forging Partnerships to Improve Economic Security

The Los Angeles County Development Authority (LACDA) is working to lift low-income residents by addressing poverty, homelessness, and workforce and small business development. To bolster this work and create new initiatives, LACDA is establishing a Strategic Partnership Division. To assist with this effort, FUSE executive fellow Kishani De Silva helped develop a framework to guide the mission of the new division, producing a structure, budget, and business plan. She also helped implement several pilot programs, including a STEAM curriculum for 6th to 10th grade students, a workforce development initiative for public-housing and low-income individuals, and a demonstration project aimed at fast-tracking housing supply by leveraging new methodologies and technologies.Kishani is continuing to help establish the new division. By developing strategic partnerships and key collaborations, she is helping the division address affordable housing needs while exploring associated community and economic development. She is also following up on the pilot programs, seeking paths to sustainability where appropriate.