Advancing Economic Recovery for Businesses and Residents

As a result of the pandemic, cities across the United States are facing devastating economic consequences. In Oakland, the pandemic has placed a heavy burden on small businesses and marginalized communities. The economic fallout has also disproportionately affected communities of color and lower-income residents. In response to the pandemic, the city created the Oakland Economic Recovery Advisory Council, which has identified short-term recommendations to facilitate the reopening and recovery of economic sectors and long-term strategies for systemic change to create a more equitable economy. Since its inception, the council has elevated the urgent needs of Oakland’s workers, undocumented families, and businesses forced to close, and it has showed the city where regulations are having unequal impacts. The city must now integrate the council’s recommendations into a recovery framework to inform policies and provide a path to recovery.

To support these efforts, Oakland is partnering with FUSE Executive Fellow Gil Gonzales to implement an economic recovery framework that will be used to secure new partnerships and pilot equitable approaches to economic empowerment. At the conclusion of the fellowship, the city aims to have equitable programs that connect at-risk and underserved businesses and workers to critical recovery services.