Improving Outcomes for Justice-Involved Youth

The Juvenile Services Division (JSD) of the Los Angeles County Probation Department is seeking more therapeutic, rehabilitative, and trauma-informed approaches to integrating justice-involved youth back into their communities. FUSE executive fellow Jessica Herbert worked with executive staff, helping develop JSD’s mission statement, guiding principles, and a strategic framework for comprehensive reform. She also helped enhance the division’s ability to monitor reform efforts, adjust projects to achieve outcomes, and communicate changes to the public.Jessica is continuing to work with JSD executive staff on management strategies to support intra-agency teams and projects centered on reform. She is helping develop clear goals and objectives, as well as strategies for monitoring, assessing, measuring, and reporting on projects. Additionally, she is developing a communications plan for updating internal and external audiences on JSD projects and outcomes. With more than 6,000 youth under its supervision, the division’s work to help youths develop into contributing and self-sustaining adults will benefit the community as a whole.