Strengthening Affordable Housing Programs for Vulnerable Residents

Stockton, like many cities across the nation, is facing sharply declining levels of affordable housing and a growing number of people experiencing homelessness. The city is committed to addressing its housing challenges and is already making progress. Among other efforts, Stockton has created a task force focused on affordable and workforce housing, which assessed options for producing more affordable housing units. Now the Mayor and city are eager to embark on the next phase of these efforts, which includes working to protect and preserve existing affordable housing, securing tenant rights, addressing discrimination within the housing voucher program, and instituting a robust policy agenda around affordable housing and homelessness.

To support this work, Stockton is partnering with FUSE Executive Fellow Anjali Menon to oversee these efforts. Anjali is working with the mayor and relevant partners to drive significant improvements in housing security for Stockton residents, helping reduce homelessness and strengthen communities.