Strengthening Code Enforcement for Safer Housing

As rents increase in Oakland, the city continues to see a proliferation of living situations that are not compliant with municipal building codes and safety standards. In response, the city has enacted a number of policies to increase staffing and improve technology for building inspections and code enforcement. The Mayor also issued an executive order to work with building owners to bring buildings to code, rather than shut down a building occupied by residents, unless there is an immediate threat to life and safety. As the city’s Planning & Building Department works to balance these priorities of safety and affordable housing, it sees an opportunity to leverage technology to tackle the growing number of open cases and reports of code violations.

To support this work, Oakland is partnering with FUSE executive fellow Alicia D. Polak, who is identifying how best to modify the city’s existing case management software to support code enforcement and make pertinent information available to the public.