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Two Texas Counties Expand Public Health by Leveraging Community Engagement

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to expose the strengths and weaknesses in public health infrastructure across the nation. In Texas, reaching diverse communities spread out over a massive geographic area proved less complicated than overcoming the mistrust of government present in many at-risk populations.… Continued

Historic Problems, New Solutions

The old adage “health is wealth” speaks to a pervasive human truth, particularly in New Orleans, where a hurricane season within a pandemic exposed a stark reality: the gap between Black and White health and wealth is widening. This isn’t news to a city where the link between the two is well documented, and where a complex history has blurred racial lines beyond simple definition.… Continued

FUSE Partners with John Legend to Launch HUMANLEVEL

FUSE Corps is thrilled to be working in partnership with John Legend to launch HUMANLEVEL, a new initiative to uplift communities disproportionately impacted by institutionalized racism.… Continued

FUSE Best Practices for Advancing Racial Equity: Three Ways Marketing Strategy Can Help Deliver Equitable Services

The Los Angeles County Department of Workforce Development, Aging and Community Services used private-sector micro-marketing segmentation practices to more effectively use data to target communities in need.… Continued

FUSE Best Practices for Advancing Racial Equity: Community Engagement and Data

Data alone won’t reveal the context and causes of racial disparities in transportation, policing and many other municipal services.… Continued

How Data Can Create Racial Equity

To address systemic racism, U.S. city leaders need to stop looking at their data in aggregate and start asking questions.… Continued

How Two California Cities Are Working to Stay Afloat of the Impending Homelessness Crisis

COVID-19 has exacerbated California's housing crisis, but Stockton and San Jose are striving to protect residents.… Continued

How to Make Communities Part of the Opportunity Zone Equation

Ensuring that local governments prioritize community voice through Opportunity Zones.… Continued

Los Angeles Shines a (Street)Light on Equity

Los Angeles works to embrace smart city technology in more inclusive ways.… Continued

How to Make Sure City Budgets Prioritize Racial Equity

As cities and counties face deficits due to Covid-19, including equity in the budgeting process is more important than ever.… Continued

How Los Angeles Is Supporting Immigrant Workers and Businesses Affected by COVID

Protecting and prioritizing immigrant workers and immigrant-owned businesses in Los Angeles County.… Continued

How Oakland Is Helping Small Businesses Survive During the Pandemic

Prioritizing the most vulnerable businesses in overlooked neighborhoods with grant programs and community outreach.… Continued

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