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FUSE Roundtables: Solving COVID-19 Challenges

FUSE Corps is convening government agencies, organizations, fellows, and alumni in a series of roundtables. Learn more.… Continued

The Atlantic Covers FUSE Corps

FUSE is proud to be the focus of an article in The Atlantic by author James Fallows.… Continued

Equity Must Be Part of the COVID-19 Recovery Framework

Resiliency and recovery experts share how local government can respond with urgency, nimbleness, and flexibility.… Continued

During the COVID-19 Crisis, Staying Connected to Communities Is More Critical than Ever. Here’s How to Do It Right.

Civic leaders and FUSE fellows offer advice on staying connected, especially to already marginalized communities, during the pandemic.… Continued

14 Smart Strategies for Designing Human-Centered Transportation Systems

As cities embrace the future of transportation, FUSE fellows are designing systems that meet the needs of the community.… Continued

COVID-19 Tools & Resources

As FUSE fellows respond to the COVID-19 crisis, we've compiled the resources they’re surfacing and deploying into the field.… Continued

L.A. County’s ‘Command Center’ Is Making Healthcare Better

Applying change management for improved patient experiences and coordinated care.… Continued

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