Case Studies

As Construction Industry Booms, Pittsburgh Moves to Avoid Labor Shortfall

Bringing local and diverse talent into the skilled trades.… Continued

Los Angeles Libraries Help Immigrants with Vital Services

Classes and support help immigrants thrive as residents.… Continued

San Francisco Humanizes the Healthcare Experience

Taking a patient-centered approach to care.… Continued

Instilling a Culture of Innovation in Government

Designing an Office of Innovation to improve customer-centered services.… Continued

Creating a Blueprint for More Equitable Growth

Helping the city's most vulnerable residents find jobs.… Continued

Fueling a Startup Movement in the Breadbasket of the World

Ag tech, clean tech, and food tech can flourish in Fresno.… Continued

Connecting Students to STEM Careers

Establishing a school-to-workforce STEM pipeline through public-private partnerships.… Continued

Photo: Mike Wilson

Advancing Women’s Economic Empowerment in the Bay Area

Tackling affordable childcare, parental leave, and explicit bias training for all city staff.… Continued

Reimagining How to Fund Critical Infrastructure Projects

Creative ways to engage private-sector partners.… Continued

The Road to a Winning Olympic City Bid

What it took to get L.A. the 2024 Games.… Continued

Cleaning Up the Streets of Los Angeles

How L.A. Is using data, tech, and smart strategies, block by block.… Continued

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